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The Road to Digital Domain Webinar, with Simon Almeida, Tomas Sackmann and Raffael Frank.

Watch the full replay of the webinar here:
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Think Tank Training Centre is proud to present Tomas Sackmann and Simon Almeida, who were among a handful of Think Tank Online graduates recently hired at Digital Domain. Their mentor, Raffael Frank, is a Lead Facial Modeler at Digital Domain and will also be joining us as we discuss the challenges our students face on the road to realizing their dreams in the world of 3D production.

Creating convincing human likenesses for film is one of the most difficult disciplines in CG. These three presenters will lift the lid on some of the most effective techniques and strategies available to CG artists today. Additionally:

  • Tomas and Simon will talk about their genesis from their previous careers in industrial design and video production into the world of 3D and video game development, as we travel from Portugal to Montreal, Dubai to Argentina, and on to Vancouver.
  • Raffael will shed light on the rigours of working at a AAA studio like DD, and how a mentor can guide their students with precision towards achieving their goals in 3D production, overcoming blockages and steering them towards success.
  • We will see practical demonstrations in 3D involving Zbrush and Maya. We will investigate aspects of Simon, Tomas and Raffael’s work, and get a taste of their technical and organizational approaches to their challenging disciplines.
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