Think Tank Testimonials

“Think Tank is our favorite school in Vancouver to work with. We have many alumni on our team and several instructors as well. Our supervisors are always excited to review the amazing talent that is graduating throughout the year. Perhaps most important is that Think Tank’s program has a successful formula as recent graduates are easily assimilated into our workflow and ready to produce from their first week.”

– Scott Miller – Scanline VFX – Studio Manager

“Think Tank has become our number one source for production ready, capable CG artists and technicians. The training the students receive at Thinktank sets them apart and when they start it is like having an experienced artist vs. a new student. I would recommend Think Tank to any person interested in animation or VFX as a career.”

– Carl Whiteside – Waterproof Studios – Executive Producer

“Think Tank have made an exceptional contribution to the nurturing of new talent in Vancouver. With great programs and invaluable mentorship, I have been able to confidently hire junior talent in Vancouver, knowing that the candidates will be of a high caliber and unafraid of hard work.”

– Rosalynd Clarke – Animal Logic – Recruiter

“Think Tank graduates are among the best in the industry. Rather than just take in students to go through a curriculum then fend for themselves after graduation, they nurture talent into what the VFX/CG industry is specifically looking for in young and promising artists. I’ve hired many grads from there and I’m always eager to see what great artists are coming from them year after year.”

– Alan Chuck – Method – VFX Recruiter

“Our studio has had the pleasure of meeting, and working with, many talented artists that have graduated from Think Tank Training Centre.”

– Roula Lainas – Producer, Talent & Brand, Zoic Studios.

“My overall experience working with the Think Tank staff and alumni is nothing short of amazing. The students graduating from this school have tremendous talent and artist knowledge. In my opinion Think Tank is now the benchmark post-secondary 3D school in the industry. Excellent work to everyone that has made this school what it is today!”

– Daniel Doluntap –  Senior Lead Artist

Think Tank Testimonials

"As an international student jumping straight into the intensive mentorship program I had some major concerns and fears. Turns out they were all for nothing, as Think Tank pretty much exceeded all my expectations. Maybe the most impressive aspect of Think Tank is how much everybody cares about you and your success. They went to extreme lengths to help me get connections and job opportunities, and I really owe them a lot".
Nir Avital
Character Animator, Bron Studios
"I always noticed that the reels of the alumni had so many 'Special Thanks'. Now I know that most of those were fellow students or alumni who often appear in aid when you most need them. And this is the experience that I've had at Think Tank; not only do you learn from instructors and mentors, but also, very importantly, from other students."<
Alonso Bocanegra
3D Generalist, Scanline VFX
"Think Tank more than exceeded my high expectations and I'm proud to say I'm a Think Tanker. As an international student coming from a country halfway across the world, Think Tank has been like family to me. What really showed how much the school cared was when the owner of the school took time off to give me a ride to the border and back. Seriously, what other school would do that for their student? Think Tank's Mentorship Program puts you in charge of your education."
Rachel Tay
3D Generalist, Scanline VFX
"At Think Tank the school not only cared about my success but also did everything in their power to make sure I had the tools and skills required to succeed in the industry. After you have completed the program, you are still able to come to the school to continue your studies and finish your demo reel. The small class sizes allow you to get one-on-one assistance from the instructors who often go well above and beyond their expected duties. Think Tank isn’t just a school, it is a community and a family."
Tanner Roberts
Environment Artist, Phoenix Labs
"The instructors/mentors that I had at the school were fantastic. My Rigging instructor was a Lead Rigger at EA in Vancouver, and through him I was able to get my first job. My time at Think Tank was incredible and I’ll never forget it, and I’d recommend it anyone who wants to get into Film/TV/Games. Everyone was always so fun and cool, whether we were working or just hanging out. I’ve made some of my best friendships through Think Tank and I’m thankful for that."
Liam Jones
Lead Technical Animator, MPC
"Think Tank is undoubtedly the best school anyone could wish for, it had exceeded my expectations in every aspect. I would and I have recommended the school to many of friends and I keep hearing what a great decision it was. Thank you Think Tank for one of the the best years of my life. Through my year I felt like I was in an exclusive school for artists seeking to achieve the highest of standards in CG creation. You start as a nobody and you come out feeling on top of the game. ."
Adar Bronstein
Character Artist, Electronic Arts (EA)

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