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School Decor: The Dragon Scale Sword Case

New school decor currently in progress at the school is a dragon scale sword case wall display, which will house Aragorn’s sword (the reforged one, Anduril). Colin is the mastermind behind this project which has been a year in the making, and the inspiration came from ‘Lord Of The Rings’.

Everything for the case has been handmade and is very detailed. The craft foam scales were each individually cut out with a hot knife, and sanded and shaped with a heat gun. They were then glued together and mounted in sheets on the wall, with individual scales added for the finishing touches. Next, rivets were put around the edge and then the case was painted.

There are still a few key things Colin wants to add before calling it completed. A baby dragon, glass cover, LED lights and the sword still need to be placed. He also has some ideas up his sleeve to add a few more ‘dragon elements’ on the outside. The completion date is still TBD, but it sure sounds like it’s going to be well worth the wait. Stay tuned!


dragon scale sword case work in progress
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